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My home town Zhukovsky was founded in 1947 and was named in honor of an outstanding Russian scientist, the Father of Russian Aviation, Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky. It is located 40 km southeast of Moscow and houses a major Russian space research center. Everything here is connected with aviation. The streets are named in honor of celebrated pilots, cosmonauts, scientists, and aircraft designers.

The main industrial enterprises of the town are: the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, the Gromov Flight Research Institute, the Experimental Engineering Plant, the Scientific-research Institutes of Instrument Engineering and Aviation Equipment, as well as test sites of most prominent research-and-design bureaux. Besides, there are the Aviation college, Aviation and Physical-Technical institutes.The high intellectual potential of the town attracts attention of Russian and foreign investors.

The largest aviation events in Russia, International Aerospace Shows (MAKS), are held at the Gromov Flight Research Institute, the once-secret Zhukovsky Air Base. This is the world's largest flight research center. There is really no American equivalent to the FRI. It is as if Boeing, McDonnell Douglass, NASA, GE, Grumman and Cessna decided to concentrate their efforts in a single place. All flight research and test programs, all prototypes are tested at this amazing facility.

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